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Until the 1980’s decade, the bicycle rim was fabricated using carbon stell. The manufacturing process was done by a profiling machine, in which a carbon steel sheet entered the pulleys. There were several set of pulleys, and as the carbon steel sheet would go through, it would taking a shape that, in the end would form the profile. After that, the profile entered the rolling machine, until getting the ideal size. When that was done, the profile was cutted, welded and taken to another machine to be sanded. Ultimately, the profile was taken to the chrome.

In the first years of the 1990’s decade, the manufacturers started to produce the aluminum rim, which in the beginning was also welded or glued with alignment made through an aluminum wedge. Shortly after, the rim started to be locked with a plain carbon steel metallic pin. Thereon, the idea of producing this pin in a ringed and spiked way, that guarantees its easy entry, but preventing its pullout. The outcome was excellent in various aspects.

Joint Pin Installation

Technical Details

Note the technical details below for the Lamitec Parts’ Rim Joint Pin, that allows a perfect joint of extremely high durability.

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